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Straight Line Folder Gluer
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Straight Line Folder Gluer


China XIESHUN manufacturer and supplier's Straight Line Folder Gluer is a high-speed, automated carton folding and gluing machine.It is usually designed for use in large-scale production environments to meet the high efficiency and high precision requirements for carton folding and gluing.

LFG-580A Straight Line Folder Gluer include feeder and foling,LFG-580A Straight Line Folder Gluer is an essential equipment in packaging industry to reduce labor, raise productivity and box quality. the feeder, folding, Transfer are all equipped with independent motors, frequency conversion speed regulation and linkage , stable and easy to control and operate.

Model LFG-580
Paper Material Cardboard 200-800g
Max. Liner speed Max. 250 meter/minute
Feeding way Automatically and continuously feeding
Way of folding Fold 1 and fold 3 are 180°,
Fold 2 and fold 4 are 90°and 180°
Bottom folded and glued
Glue Material Water-base cold glue
Electric power 6.5kw 380v
Weight 3.0T
Over dimension 6.7x1.2x1.4m


Model LFG-580
A 75-580mm
B 60-580mm
E 35-320mm

Feature introduction

The Straight Line Folder Gluer features independent carriers, making it exceptionally convenient to replace belts in sets of 5, ensuring a long service life for the belts. Additionally, a specialized vibrating motor is employed to ensure smoother paper feeding, while an independent feeder motor allows for easy adjustment of the feeding speed. Independent Feeder motor for adjust feeding speed easily.
Lengthened folding to avoid the unevenness while the rapid forming of cartons and make it come to perfection.By extending the folding process, the machine ensures a smoother and more uniform carton formation, thereby eliminating unevenness during rapid carton production and achieving a perfect finish.
Two carriers design, convenient pressure adjustment, stable box sticking.
The pressure of top carriers can be adjusted according to box thickness
With counting device to count the finished boxes to match with boxes
regulating, easy to count and pack.
Long-distance upper and down belts design, prolongs the running time forfinished boxes, enhances the box gluing quality.
Pneumatic pressure mechanism,more convenient adjustment.
The running speed of belts in this section can be adjusted as demand.

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