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Straight Line Automatic Folder Gluer
  • Straight Line Automatic Folder GluerStraight Line Automatic Folder Gluer

Straight Line Automatic Folder Gluer


High quality Straight Line Automatic Folder Gluer is offered by China manufacturer XIESHUN. Buy Straight Line Automatic Folder Gluer which is of high quality directly with low price.

XS-800A Straight Line Automatic Folder Gluer, drive by synchronous belt, feeder with independent motor, stable and easy to control and operate. Run Straight line box in high speed of 300m/min. Components from renowned international brands, ensuring high stability and safety. It is equipped with a wireless control system for easy operation and adjustment.

Model XS-800A
Suitable material 200-600g/㎡cardboard and N/F&E flute corrugated board
Speed range 0-300m/min
Inching speed 30m/min
Max blank width 850mm
Dimension(L) 9500mm
Dimension(W*H) 1400mm×1600mm
Mechanical weight 5T
Mechanical power 12kw
Compressed air 6bar
Air compressor capacity 10㎡/h
Air tank capacity 60L

A 90-800mm
B 60-700mm
E 25-390mm



◆Set up quickly and rapidly
◆Variable speed independent motor
◆Adjustable on the run
◆Easy repeatability
◆Light maintenance
◆Feeds most types of materials
◆Handles most box styles
◆Feeder Air suction(optional)


◆The paperboard sent by feeder shall be corrected by the alignment to ensue go straight.
◆The upper pressure drive can be adjusted up and down to adapt to different paperboard thickness.

Lower Gluing Unit

◆Mechanical glue wheel, high speed no glue leak, convenient for cleaning and maintenance
◆Glue wheel width 3mm,can also be changed according to the product.

Folding Section

◆3 Plate drive belt plate structure (optional), the middle plate can be disassembled independently, convenient for small box forming.
◆The speed of the left and right outer folding belt (optional) can be adjusted independently to ensure the forming accuracy.

Transfer Section

◆The output part faster than this folding, opens the box spacing, which is convenient for counting and receiving paper.
◆The upper and lower belt expansion adjustment is simple and easy to operate.
◆Equipped with high-speed electronic kick counter.

Control Panel

◆Touch screen, easy to operate, intuitive.
◆Multiple languages available.
◆Memory function and remote control (optional).


◆Integrated box stream regulator for precise stream intervals and faster running
◆In manual mode, the belt moves at a constant speed and is not affected by the main motor speed.
◆Pneumatic pressure control is more accurate, to ensure bonding effect.

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