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XieShun provide different trainings in XIESHUN folder gluer training center or customer production workshop. We help your employees better understand XIESHUN folder gluer machine to ensure high productivity.

Spare parts

XieShun has a neat and orderly storage of spare parts; all parts are in full compliance with quality standards, ready to be delivered to all parts of the world at any time. We guarantee the shortest delivery time and the best quality. Each spare part will be accompanied by spare part installation instructions

Improvement and optimization

In order to provide our customers with the best quality equipment, XIESHUN has never ceased to devote itself to product development and updates. Provide the most professional improvement and optimization for your equipment according to your specific job.

Technical Services

Our technical service runs through every aspect of pre-sales and after-sales. according to the different characteristics and expectations of each customer, we provide you with personalized suggestions and customized services.
  • Wenzhou Xieshun Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.

    Wenzhou Xieshun Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a tech company specializing in the production of high quality folder gluer machines. We supply customers with cardboard box-related products with complete specifications and wide functions such as automatic high-speed folder gluer machines, automatic machine vision-based waste strippers, integrated folder gluer machines with on-line quality inspection function, and corrugated box gluer machines. We provide customers with customization services according to the actual demand as well.

    Skilled assembly Operator: More than 15 years fodder gluer machine assembly experience

    Experience installation team: Handle complex box set up, problem solve, suggestion on optimization

    Customer design: Quickly response on customer special requirement, customization on time.

    Quality control: Brand component, Incoming inspection, Online and finally machine function check.

    Why XIESHUN?
    Our company will continue to improve and refine our products and invest more in technological innovation and R&D of new products to bring customers unsurpassed quality and service. We promise reliable quality, guarantee first-class service, persist in honest management, and further together!
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For inquiries about folder gluer, folding gluing, folder gluer accessories or price list, please leave your email to us and we will be in touch within 24 hours.
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