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Offline Visual Inspection Machine
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Offline Visual Inspection Machine


The XIESHUN high quality XS-850VI Offline Visual Inspection Machine performs a comprehensive inspection of various printing defects (such as missing printing and ink dots), color variances, misregistrations, die-cutting misalignments, embossing misalignments, and more on card boxes of different specifications during the box pasting process.

The Offline Visual Inspection Machine from XIESHUN supplier features dynamic detection accuracy adjustment, allowing fine-tuning of detection accuracy in different areas during inspection to prevent impact on production efficiency.

Furthermore, the AOI Inspection system includes regional learning capabilities, enabling learning from local areas during inspection to prevent waste issues caused by unstable printing quality in non-critical areas.

Additionally, the system automates the storage and classification of detected data, which streamlines historical data retrieval and statistical analysis.

Net weight: about 2500KGS
Overall size: 7000*1500*1700mm(XS-650VI) 7000*1700*1700mm(850VI) 7000*1950*1700mm(XS-1100VI)
Power supply: 17 kW
Air consumption: 6 Pa

Main functions of the inspection system

☞ Comprehensively detect various defects (missing print, ink spots), color difference, overprinting, die-cutting deviation, embossing deviation, etc. of carton boxes during gluing.

☞ The system has the function of dynamically adjusting the inspection accuracy, which is convenient for finely adjusting the inspection accuracy of different areas during the inspection process to avoid affecting production efficiency.

☞ The system has the function of regional learning. During the inspection process, it can focus on local areas for learning to avoid the waste problem caused by unstable print quality in non-key areas.

☞ The system has the function of automatically storing and classifying inspection data for convenient historical query and statistics.

Equipment performance indicators and functions

Equipment performance indicators

Project Indicator
Normal printing station imaging accuracy: 0.11mm × 0.125mm
Embossing station imaging accuracy: 0.05mm × 0.125mm
Code inspection station: The minimum 18mm barcode can be detected
Maximum detection size: 500mm × 420mm
Minimum detection size: 90mm × 90mm
Minimum spot area: 0.08mm2
Color difference: △E ≧ 3
Detection speed: 220m/min

Equipment functions

Project Function
Defect detection Missing print, dirty spots, etc.: Minimum detection area on the front: ≧0.08mm2
Overcoating, optical oil, concave and convex defects: Area ≧2mm2
Hot stamping defect minimum detection area: ≧0.08mm2
Overprint deviation detection: ≧0.1mm
Die-cutting deviation detection: ≧0.1mm
Barcode defects:
Reading: error code, duplicate code
Character detection: wrong word, missing word, corresponding to barcode
Appearance detection: stains, broken lines, distorted barcodes, barcode black line defects
Local color difference detection △E ≧ 3 Elab
Defect classification The defect detection standard is seamlessly adjusted. For each defect, the defect detection standard can be set by manually dragging the scroll bar.
Easy modeling The modeling time for replacing one product is 3-5 minutes;
Use a wizard modeling scheme to decompose the entire modeling process into several interconnected steps, guiding operators to implement modeling operations step by step
Defect display Real-time display of defect images of the inspected products, defect occurrence locations, and defect scale information

Independent servo motor drives the variable Feed speed.
Adjustable vibratory motors.
The side panels can be minutely adjusted in width of the blank..
Independent section with an unparallel lower carrier that guides the box to a parallel handrail that allows a perfect blank alignment.
Online inspection module
High-speed image processing computer workstation.
Visual Inspection Software System: Specialized visual inspection software PrintingPlus (version V5.0) General Defect Detection Software Module (Version V1.0)
High-speed visual imaging unit, featuring Japanese imported optical lenses and Canadian-specific printing inspection cabinets.
Defect box collecting department
• The upper and lower belts are driven by a multi-V belt transmission system, to avoid scratches during transportation.
• Pneumatic ejecting device to minimize scratches on boxes.
• Dual-lane collecting system upon request.
Delivery section
Automatic and manual speed variation in coordination with a photocell.
Processed material

BOX type

Model XS-850VI
A 160-850mm
B 100-900mm
E 70-420mm
A 170-800mm
B 170-900mm
E 80-420mm

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